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Do’s And Don’ts: How To Take Care Of Your Leather Boots


Do’s And Don’ts: How To Take Care Of Your Leather Boots

Mar 12, 2021

Leather boots are great for keeping style functional. Versatile and comfortable, leather boots can make your outfit urban chic, classically corporate or stylishly practical for everyday use. Some styles can even complete the smart polish of a suit or a classic wool trench coat. But while leather boots can last a lifetime, they require proper care and maintenance. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure that you get the most out of your leather boots:

Don’t Throw Them In The Washer

Leather boots and the washing machine are not meant to be together, and throwing your shoes in the wash will result in scuff marks, detached soles and possibly a broken washer. 

Instead, clean your boots with a soft rag, a soft buff brush and saddle soap. If you’re concerned about the smell, wipe the insides of your boots with a damp cloth soaked in equal parts vinegar and water and let it air-dry. You can also prevent your boots from smelling by placing a knotted sock full of baking soda inside the boots overnight. 

Do Buff Your Shoes

No one wants dirty shoes, even if you’re going for a more rugged look. Buff your shoes, not only to polish them but to rid them of dirt that may scratch the leather. Do the buffing before applying any kind of cream or protector to the boots. Otherwise, it may trap the dirt on the surface, dulling the shine.

Do Protect

Remember that water can damage leather, so protect your leather boots from rain, puddles and spills. Not to say that leather boots are fragile, but water-stains on leather dulls shine and make your shoes look dated and old. Spray your new leather boots with an appropriate protector and maintain at least once a week if they see heavy use, especially during the rainy season.

Aside from water-resistant sprays, leather also requires moisturizing. Moisturizing your leather boots with oil, lotions or creams can help prevent the leather from cracking due to wear and tear. It also helps prevent scratches and fading. If you want your boots to look more rugged, you can apply the moisturizing creams and lotions after your boots have seen some use.

Don’t Wait

While leather boots are practical and comfortable, you shouldn’t wait to wipe away spills or dirt on them. Letting splashes of water or drinks sit on your shoes for a while can allow the liquid to soak, causing stubborn stains. If you accidentally spill liquid on your leather boots or if you had to wade through water, make sure you wipe off your shoes as soon as you can.

Don’t Use The Other Foot To Take It Off

Many of us are guilty of this: at the end of a long day, you take off your shoes by using the other foot to ease them off, sometimes without even untying the laces. This can ruin your sole and force the glue to separate. Worse, you can injure yourself if you lose your balance. Instead, find a comfortable place to sit, untie the laces and slide off your boots with your hands. Your boots and your ankles will thank you.

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